American Traffic Solutions Promoting Fascism in Houston Texas!

January 4, 2011


American Traffic Solutions is attempting to over rule the will of the people in Houston Texas. It has become all to clear they want to control all Texans through forced illegal acts. On Nov. 2, the registered voters of Houston voted on a measure to get rid of the cameras. This measure passed, creating an immediate $10 million hole in the Houston Police Department budget. If the Traffic corporation wins the lawsuit to keep the camera’s in operation, then the right to vote will be taken away from all the citizens of Houston.

Houston could become the first Texas City to completely wipe away constitutional rights, along with the right to vote. Many supporters in Houston along with the camera corporation intend to make this happen. A decision in Houston  denying peoples right to vote could very well cause civil unrest in their city. This is just another example of Class Warfare involving Government/Corporate Cartels in our State.

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Tx. Rep John Carona VS. The People of Texas! Carona Threatens Texans with Illegal Check Points.

November 29, 2010

The US Constitution and the Texas State Constitution are being attacked by Republican Representative John Carona in Texas. Mr. Carona wishes to wipe away Texans 4th Amendment Rights which states “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause.”    Mr. Carona wants to reinstate checkpoints and road blocks , which have been banned in the state since 1994.

Many Texas voters feel he is retaliating against the people of Texas in light of the recent red light camera vote in Houston which took down a very large percentage of these illegal devices in our State. It has become all to clear Mr Carona has adopted the protectionist idealism of the communist party. Others in Texas believe he is attacking Texans rights in support of Goldman Sachs which has been a financial contributor of Mr. Carona through lobbyists who openly support corporate takeover of law enforcement by foreign countries in Texas.

This is just a ploy to open the door to get the check points and road blocks started, then the check points criteria will be expanded to fit John Corona’s protectionist idealism he has adopted from Carl Marx. If they cant put up Cameras to watch our every move, then they want to enforce road blocks to control our travel.

Senator Carona has been richly rewarded by the lobbyists who support photo enforcement. For example, the firm Linebarger, Goggan, Blair and Sampson performs collection services for photo tickets and has handed Carona $24,500 in campaign cash. It would be interesting to see how many other firms are associated with Goldman Sachs and contributed to his campaign funding.

Anyone who gives up freedom for protectionism deserves neither!     Quote “Thomas Jefferson”

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Cameras will soon be coming down all across TEXAS! The People Of Texas Are Standing Up Against Communist Style Government!

November 19, 2010

A Trend is sweeping the State of Texas in which the people of Texas are standing up and saying no to communist style government in thier communities. In Houston the People have spoken loud and clear in a recent vote which banned the use of red light cameras in Houston. This vote destroyed the dreams of Bill Whites democratic parties communist style government which tried to infringe upon Texans rights to privacy, jury trial, and the appeals process. The city of Houston is preparing for massive lawsuits from victims who were injured due to these devices.

In Baytown, Waco and Austin people are fighting back as well. The will of the people shall be done. The words of Ronald Reagan hold just as true today as they did during his presidency ” Our governments job is to protect us from others, but when our government begins to protect us from ourselves it has overstepped its boundaries”

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Texas Leasing and Automobile Finance Companies Could be Forced to Pay Red Light Camera Fines or go Bankrupt!

November 11, 2010

Federal Appellate Courts are ruling in favor of plaintiffs in red light camera ticket cases on the grounds of ownership. The law reads that registered owners are responsible for the tickets. In many Cases vehicles are leased or financed and the owner of the vehicle is a financial institution of some type. Due to the rulings Texas Cities are in  fear they will be forced to pay back every fine that has been collected since day one when the cameras were introduced in their regions.

The flip side of this issue is that if courts rule the drivers are the legal owners then the leasing and financial institutions backing the notes may be forced to send the drivers titles to the vehicles which would make the financial agreement between the borrower and the lender null and void. No court can enforce this law without supplied documents by the state proving you are the legal owner of the vehicle, meaning the Title to the vehicle would have to be in the drivers name.

Drivers in the State of Texas who have financed or leased vehicles would get a free automobile. The financial lenders and leasers for automobiles in the State of Texas stand to go bankrupt if the courts rule the driver is the legal owner.

$75.00 for the automobile above seems like a fantastic deal for Texas consumers!

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79,000 Residents in Harris County have not Paid Red Light Camera Fines. Local Government Resorts to Scare Tactics!

August 18, 2010

Houston police have notified 79,000 motorists that they cannot renew their vehicle registrations until they pay red light camera fines and penalties, even though Harris County officials repeatedly have said they will not prevent people from registering their vehicles because of the outstanding citations.

     Police Chief Charles McClelland denied critics’ charges the Houston Police Department’s collection campaign relies on scare tactics, but he acknowledged HPD has no legal agreement to block registration of Harris County residents who owe red-light camera fines. He said that some of the red light violations were committed by residents in adjacent counties that are enforcing the registration holds.

     Harris County officials have rejected requests to help HPD collect red light camera fines, expressing concern the county could lose a large share of the state registration fees it collects. Cities can enter into an agreement with the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles to block registration by motorists who owe civil fines, but county officials must approve an agreement not to renew registrations at county tax offices.

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TEXAS RED LIGHT CAMERA BLOOD MONEY. Legalized Bribery to Promote More Red Light Camera Installations

May 17, 2010

The New Texas Blood Drive

     In 2009 the State of Texas Department of State Health Services began  distributing money to hospitals around the state supplied by red light camera fines to assist with uninsured injury claims. While this seemed like a noble cause and received public support many Texans were unaware of how it would impact our communities. Only fifteen percent is distributed evenly among hospitals and only hospitals from red light camera cities are eligible to receive this money. The other eighty five percent is divided up and distributed to ONLY red light camera district hospitals proportionately according to the reported injuries in that district. The Entire 100% is ONLY Distributed to cities which use Red Light Camera’s 

     The way this money is applied is no accident. The money is applied directly in relation to how many red light cameras you have in your city.  No red Light Camera’s means your hospitals recieve none of this funding. The more red light cameras you have the more funding you receive. The Houston region six for example has approximately half the red light cameras in the State of Texas. Does anyone even remotely begin to believe half the accidents in Texas occur only in the Houston Region? Yet the Houston region has received almost five million dollars of over nine million dollars that was awarded by the State of Texas. Through the distribution of funding the State of Texas has discriminated against non red light camera districts. Texans should be asking themselves why our State Agencies would be funding only red light camera cities in Texas with this trauma funding. Should Texans from non Red light camera districts recieve poorer medical treatment just because thier city chose not to install red light cameras?

     Through this type of selective funding they encourage more red light camera installations which would not be based on safety but on financial revenue. Also we must consider who would be affected financially from increased injuries due to sub standard yellow timing of red light camera intersections which camera promoters and Texas Senators have supported. The answer is clear. Hospitals in red light camera regions would incur more charges from increased collisions and the idea to fund the hospitals in red light camera districts was a necessity and not an act of compassion by our Texas legislators as they would have everyone believe. Texans need to wake up and understand red light cameras are about extorting money from private citizens by physically harming men, women, and children. It has never been about helping the people in our state. Shortened yellow times increase tickets to generate revenue for the cities and state, but it also increases accidents.   

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Bill Whites Red Light Cameras may soon be a thing of the past in Houston. City Officials Say One Thing, but Houston Police Disagree!

May 12, 2010

Bill White (Left) Hopes to topple the Rick Perry Adminstration and expand his idealisms of Communism and Socialism in Texas!

 A group called Citizens Against Red Light Cameras began mailing out some 20,000 letters to voters in Houston. They Hope to get enough signatures to force a city wide vote on the use of red light cameras in Houston. This could deal a huge blow to Gubernatorial candidate Bill White who helped to start this program in Houston. No use of camera enforcement has ever survived a citizens vote in Texas. The elimination of red light cameras in Houston would indicate another failed program by Bill White to control Texans through Socialist Government/Corporate Cartels which he has supported to increase his campaign contributions.

       Houston City Officials claim the cameras work and reduce accidents, while the Houston police disagree and openly admit the current data does not support a reduction in accidents at red light camera intersections which Bill White claimed was the basis for the cameras. This would support the popular opinion in Houston of these devices being used merely to generate revenue for the city. 

     ‘The absolute number of collisions that camera monitored approaches is not decreasing,'” said attorney Paul Kubosh. “Let’s be fair. Let the citizens vote. Give the power to the people to make this decision on whether or not they want to put up with this.”

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