Texas Injury Trial Lawyers prepare to go after Cities, Camera Companies, and the State of Texas in 2010.

     People who have been injured due to the Red Light Camera Systems in Texas may get some financial relief. A Number of Law firms all across the state expect to begin running advertisements this upcoming year for clients who have been involved in a injury collision at Red light Camera Intersections. The video the camera companies use to extort money, can also be used in injury trial law cases. Law firms all across the state agree if there is a link to a collision on video that shows the Red Light Camera being a contributing factor, then they have a legal obligation to seek monetary damages from the Cities,State, and Red Light Camera Companies for thier clients. Even cities that are generating 2 million a year in fines could see profits go away quickly with just one wrongful injury or fatality lawsuit. Below is an example of just one of hundred’s of attorney’s who could make millions off the Cities Red light Camera programs in 2010.

CLICK LINK FOR DETAILS         http://www.texascaraccidentinjury.com/2009/01/articles/car-wreck/redlight-cameras/


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