Duncanville Texas! A Lesson in a Communistic approach to problem solving!

Mayor David Green had Duncanville city counselman Paul Ford arrested for discussing Red Light Camera agendas and disrupting a meeting on his personal authority. According to the bylaws a counsel member can only be removed by a vote of the other counsel members present. Mr. Green had no right to have anyone removed from any counsel meeting without a vote being taken. Under Roberts Rules of Order  a mayor would first have issued a warning to an unruly member and, if ignored, put the question of what to do about it to the entire city council. A majority vote would be required to have a sitting member removed from the chambers after that member is given an opportunity to speak in his own defense. Under Duncanville’s city charter (2.15), only the full council can change the rules of procedure, not the mayor acting alone. So much for the democratic process and by laws. Even a citizen voicing thier opinion can only be removed by a vote. Mr. Ford was discussing Red Light Camera complaints he recieved from the voters who elected him. Mr Green seems to be under the belief he has more authority than he actually does. Watch the video’s and judge for yourself. This arrest was premeditated and used to teach a lesson to everyone who believes in Freedom of Speech, Democracy and Constitutional Rights. Notice that the Police Chief was positioned close to Mr. Ford and walks toward him prior to the mayor asking him to leave or be arrested! The arrest was planned! Amazingly enough the first words out of Mr. Greens mouth were: I didnt plan on having Mr. Ford Arrested! Sounds like a child caught with his hands in the cookie jar!  

Pre meeting Threats from Mr. Green towards Mr. Ford   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GDIjjCE6vUU

Mr. Fords arrest during the meeting  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6t45QsrGPKw


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