Corporate Cameras are taking over law enforcement!

A boom is taking place across Texas under the disguise of improving public safety. Red light cameras mark the first step in the agenda of “nationalized enforcement” of laws in Texas” Future plans by Corporations, Texas Cities, and State Government are to install Speed Cameras, Parking Meter Ticket Cameras, Parking Lot Ticket Cameras, Vehicular GPS Tracking Devices recording Speeds, Travel Desitinations, and Records of Travel, and will be followed up with the eventual issuance of fines for various other traffic violations caught on camera and digital information records. Insured vehicle checks will be done automatically along with monitoring of library fines. This agenda is already taking place in other cities being converted to Corporate Law Enforcement. Did the Texas Senators have any idea what they were doing when they didnt vote to ban the cameras in 2009? Here are some links to what the same Corporations are doing in other places. Maybe we should start a petition to have elected officials in Texas wear recording devices around thier neck 24 hours a day 7 days a week and post it online for the public to see, plus impose fines if they remove them.  

Parking meter ticket Cameras

Cameras to Check Vehicle Insurance 

Speed Camera Enforcement

Government Tracking Devices


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