Legislators Open the Door For Engineering Malpractice in Texas!


 Engineering Malpractice in Texas concerning Red Light Cameras should come as no surpise to the politicians who voted to keep them. With virtually no oversite installed in the Bill thats exactly what we have in Texas, NO OVERSITE!. Texas Camera Fraud did some Investigating.

     Lets use Arlington Texas results as an example. They Submitted data for 14 red Light Camera Intersections in 2009 to the Texas DOT. With only a 5 minute investigation of the reports, we found that  8 of the reports had missing data which is used to calculate Red and Yellow Light Timing. On the surface it could be chocked up to an honest mistake, but when you look at the collision and injury rates at intersections missing key engineering information you will find 3  intersections with the highest crash rates in this group. The main componants needed to establish correct engineering guidelines for traffic signals are Volume,  Speed, Distance Through Intersection, and Time. When you are missing these key engineering componants it is mathematically impossible to calculate and design these devices to work properly. If the reason we have these devices is for safety, then why are we not doing the neccessary work needed to make sure they are working properly. Secondly why is the Texas DOT Ignoring incomplete Data submitted from Texas Cities concerning Red Light Camera Enforcement? 

     Safety Safety Safety is all they say! When it comes right down to it there doesnt seem to be honest effort going into this endeavor from the cities. They use the safety aspect to sell Texans the idea of Red Light Cameras, but once they have the systems in place and the money starts flowing in they forget about the safety aspect. Dallas, Houston, Lubbock, College Station,  and City after City in Texas have Reported Engineering Flaws in the Red Light Data Accumulation Processes. If they recieved a grade for the papers they submitted at best they would get a 42. Colleges in Texas require you to maintain at least a 2.0 GPA and most Schools consider 70 a passing grade. Our grade to the City of Arlington is a Failing Grade! This Failure is not the cities alone to bear! Legislators in Texas established virtually no oversite guidelines and extremely poor engineering techniques to sell this product to the people of Texas. Our opinion is if you cant figure out how to use engineering formulas from the first semester of an accredited engineering degree program you have no right holding an engineering license in the State of Texas. If anyone who works for the State of Texas or Texas DOT reads this please feel free to use Time/ Speed/ Distance/ and Volume, as recommended by the Federal Highway Administration, in your equations. Who Knows you may actually save someones life!


One Response to Legislators Open the Door For Engineering Malpractice in Texas!

  1. Michaelmatician has all the equations! Just look!

    Happy New Year!

    Jeremy’s 2009 review:



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