Are Red Light Camera Tickets Equivalent to Human Trafficking. Some experts could argue they are identical in nature!

January 31, 2010

     The term “human trafficking” can be applied in all cases where the use of “force, fraud or coercion” is used to get people to work or have sex against their will, a senior official at the U.S. Department of Justice was reported as saying. Force, Fraud and Coercion are the key elements of imposing fines against the public in red light camera states. This brings into question why cities are allowed to use tactics which are considered illegal and inhumane in all other aspects of American Society, but when  it puts money in the governments pockets it becomes acceptable practice . Lawsuits continue to rise in all Red Light Camera States. People are getting angrier in Texas over these citations to fund private corporations  during tough economic times. An amazing 41% of Tarrant County Texas have refused to pay these citations. My hat goes off to these galant people who still believe in their constitutional rights and are making a statement to local governments who encourage Corporate extortion of money from Texas Citizens.


Escalation of Violence Expected in Texas in 2010! People rising up against Red Light Camera Corporations and Corrupt Legislators!

January 6, 2010


 The recent trend of the civilian population in Red Light Camera States are to stand up against corrupt politicians and these corrupt private corporations, Unfortunately some people dont have the mentality to follow acceptable methods to change or enforce laws in our society. Texas Cities intend to turn up the heat on supposed red light camera violators in 2010 and problems of violence associated with these devices are sure to follow in Texas just as they have in other states. New problems concerning secondary safety issues should be looked at by legislators concerning responses to this tyranny. They should examine if the constitutional rights violations are really worth the other types of endangerment associated with the violence being caused by protests from these devices on both sides of the Law.

     In Tennessee a Knoxville man was arrested for shooting down red light cameras with a deer rifle, or in this case I guess youd call it a red light camera rifle.  Later it was suspected that police officers actually shot down the devices and all charges were dropped, however no matter who was doing the shooting bullets flying randomly through the air  are not a good secondary effect of these devices.

     People in Arizona are wearing Masks to avoid getting ticketed by Red Light Cameras.

     In Texas a City counsel member was arrested for discussing Red light camera issues, which brings in the question of how far are City governments willing to go to collect payment of tickets? An example of how far courts will go to collect traffic fines is JERICHO, Ark. — It was just too much, having to return to court twice on the same day to contest yet another traffic ticket, and Fire Chief Don Payne didn’t hesitate to tell the judge what he thought of the police and their speed traps. Officers shot him right there in the court room! 

     In Albuquerque a red light camera was shot with a 30-30 in a high traffic area putting other motorists and area residence in life threatening Danger.    

     The Fire Chief Magazine online line published an article Called “Watch Your backs” and grouped Red Light Camera Oppositions with Terrosit Cells in America. This article by its own accord would subject Private citizens who believe in constitutional rights in America to become criminalized as terrorists. 

     Finally in Arizona a Red Light Camera Employee was operating a speed van for speed enforcement and was shot and killed. When will people wake up and understand that the true criminals here are the corporations extorting money from citizens, and the legislators that have allowed this to happen. Exporting Law Enforcement to Private Corporations should be a Crime!  Here are just a few stories concerning the growing epidemic of traffic enforcement violence and people hiding thier identity from corporate law enforcement in America! They are Undeniable!

Albuquerque Red Light Camera Shooting

Texas Counselman Arrested

Tennessee Camera Shooting

Arizona Red light Camera Mask

JERICHO, Ark Police Shooting

Fire Cheif Online “Watch Your Backs”

Arizona Shooting Death

A Short List in a Long Line of Peace Officer Layoffs! Thousands of Officers to be Replaced by Corporations in 2010! Texas Peace Officers Need to Wake Up or Become Unemployeed!

January 4, 2010

Red Light Camera States see the truth about budgets and politics. Officers are fighting for survival of sovereignty law enforcement in thier States. Preset budgets coupled with economic conditions have set conditions for State Legislators, City Counsels, and Private Corporations to force cutting of peace officer positions, and instead keep Corporate Law Enforcement. The Arizona Department of Public Safety, is expected to lay off up to 400 officers and civilians. Iowa has told some Officers that started after 7/24/05 that they could be gone, along with large percentage Prison Officers around the State! Officers in Illinois could soon be out of a job. Oakland California Mayor Ron Dellums proposed laying off 140 police officers, and 249 other municipal positions. These are just a few examples of a National trend that is taking place to eliminate Local and State law Enforcement in Red Light Camera States . The nationalization of law Enforcement is being backed by Private Corporations and being driven by Legislators  originating at City levels of government reaching all the way up to the highest branches of Government. Installation of Corporate Digital Enforcement and layoffs of police officers is the standard today. This Corporate takeover of Law Enforcement Nationwide is seeing very little resistance from police agencies across the country! 

Arizona Layoffs

Iowa Layoffs

Illinois Layoffs$33537

California layoffs