Are Red Light Camera Tickets Equivalent to Human Trafficking. Some experts could argue they are identical in nature!

     The term “human trafficking” can be applied in all cases where the use of “force, fraud or coercion” is used to get people to work or have sex against their will, a senior official at the U.S. Department of Justice was reported as saying. Force, Fraud and Coercion are the key elements of imposing fines against the public in red light camera states. This brings into question why cities are allowed to use tactics which are considered illegal and inhumane in all other aspects of American Society, but when  it puts money in the governments pockets it becomes acceptable practice . Lawsuits continue to rise in all Red Light Camera States. People are getting angrier in Texas over these citations to fund private corporations  during tough economic times. An amazing 41% of Tarrant County Texas have refused to pay these citations. My hat goes off to these galant people who still believe in their constitutional rights and are making a statement to local governments who encourage Corporate extortion of money from Texas Citizens.


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