Class Warfare begins in Texas concerning Red Light Camera Violations. Discrimination of private Citizens are Enforced while City Employees Remain Immune to Law!

     AUSTIN (KXAN) – Dozens of Austin police officers have been caught on camera running red lights since the city first installed red light safety cameras in May 2008. The city has installed nine red light cameras since last year and issued more than 6,000 citations to red light runners. In that same time, more than 36 local police officers have also been caught on camera. The officers are not running on calls and do not have their flashing lights on, as is required by department policy. “It is a concern,” said Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo. “We talk about it to our folks.” But Chief Acevedo acknowledges none of his officers has been ticketed for running a red light. Ironically the officers who are allowed to break laws will be some of the same officers who loose thier jobs to corporate law enforcement takeover of Texas in a few years.  

The Leader of Class Warfare During World War 2

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