Goldman Sach’s, Redflex, and ATS Win BIG in Texas Governor Primary’s, Texans can expect to see more attacks on the public concerning exortion by Corporate-Government Cartels which have been formed in the State of Texas.

The Texas primary’s were a victory for red light camera promoters in Texas. Texans can expect to see more red light cameras being installed in the State of Texas. Goldman Sachs, Redflex, and ATS are jumping for joy after finding out that Bill White and Pretty Boy Perry won the Democratic and Republican primary’s. Both Candidates who have accepted contributions from affiliates of these corporations will continue on with business as usual spreading more Constitutional rights violations and undermining the United States and Texas Constitutions. Bill White openly supports corporate control of Texans, while Perry indicates he is against government and corporate control of private citizens yet he does nothing to stop or even slow them down. Sad Days are ahead for Texas in the upcoming four years. It doesnt matter at this point who wins the governorship in Texas since both candidates by thier actions promote socialist corporate takeover of our state.


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