Baytown Texas Revokes Citizens Right to VOTE! Tyranny Continues to Spread to Texas Cities!

     The Baytown Local government has rejected a petition which was submitted to allow residents to vote on Red Light Camera’s in thier city. The petition was rejected on the grounds that it had been filed after 20 days from the application of a city counsel descision to allow red light camera corporations to merge with the local government to form a Cartel. The history of these corporations have been to bribe  thier way into local governments and takeover local law enforcement. It is in all likelyhood what is happening in Baytown Texas. 

     Baytowns official statement is the 20-day period for the submission of a referendum petition has been long-established in Baytown and was confirmed by the citizens of Baytown as recently as May of 2006, after a thorough review of the citizen-led Charter Review Committee,” They wrote. “Ultimately, the charter is the law of our city and we are following it.”

     In November 2006 the city of Baytown allowed a petition labeled as an “initiative ordinance” to be placed on the Baytown ballot. This ordinance repealed previous ordinances which have stood on the books for years, well over the 20 day deadline. In contrast to thier statement Baytown Officials are selectively applying the charter to petitions they view as unfavorable. Not based on following the law of the city, as they claim, but on the politics of the city officials.

     Baytown Red Light Camera Coalition, is a grassroots organization that seeks to ban the red light cameras in Baytown, and hopes that ultimately the city will decide to be guided by the will of the people. They gathered sufficient signatures to demand a vote on this issue. Recently, in College Station the council voted to remove the red light cameras after a vote on the cameras showed the will of the people was to remove them. Thier hope is that the city council will follow the lead of College Station’s council to ultimately execute the will of the people. They ask that concerned individuals contact the Baytown city council and the mayor to express their desire to have a vote.
     The city has violated numerous sections of the the transportation code governing red light cameras including implementing illegally short yellow lights, improper violation notices and improper signage. They claim the city officials refuse to hold themselves accountable for these violations and with almost $3 million in collected fines under the program they believe the city will continue to block thier efforts by any means necessary, legal or not. More information can be found at thier website

2 Responses to Baytown Texas Revokes Citizens Right to VOTE! Tyranny Continues to Spread to Texas Cities!

  1. ZAREMA says:

    Thanks the author for article. The main thing do not forget about users, and continue in the same spirit.

  2. robertharris47 says:

    Thanks and I would recommend you let Brian S. know at the Baytown red light camera coalition site, since he wrote most of the article. Brian is a great guy and I am sure he would appreciate knowing your support for his organization.

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