The Dangers of Nationalized Law Enforcement! Photo Enforcement in Texas attacks Texas Citizens Civil Liberties and Goes Against Christian Teachings!

     Thou Shall Not Steal, and Thou Shall Not Kill are two of the ten commandments I believe everyone can agree upon. Even the laws in Texas agree with these ideals, yet Red Light Camera Corporations are allowed to form Cartels with local governments which violate US and Texas Constitutional Rights. They are allowed to encourage cities to deny the appeals process and right to jury trial by using the word Ordinance to wipe away all our contitutional rights in thier quest to self govern with no accountability of City Officials or City Representatives. They encourage incomplete or false statistical information to be released to Texas Citizens and the Texas DOT. They knowingly encourage the increase of rear end collisions to make profit from physically harming the people of Texas. The communist philosophy is alive and well in Texas and spreading like wild fire. The direction in which Local and State government in Texas is heading is an extremely dangerous direction. The Local and State Government of Texas has taken on the role of Den Mother when it comes to the Rights and Privaledges of Texans. Thier attitude is they know whats good for us and and we should just be quiet about it and take it. I encourage each and every Texan to speak out against forced Socialism historically known as Communist style government in Texas. I also would like to remind my fellow veterans that they have taken an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States against enemies foriegn and domestic. Below is a video link showing the direction in which we are headed in Texas if we dont take our state back!       

 Click Link to See Video  


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