An American Based Company called PIPS Technology has developed a Camera Satellite System which will Catch Speeders and Red Light Runners from Space.

     Texas Camera Fraud was right again in its prediction that global banking investors and corporate america would continue its push for complete and total control of law enforcement. The funding to provide corporate america the means to usurp the the power of local law enforcement continues only this time it will be through satellite traffic enforcement. Independance and civil liberties which are under attack will eventually lead to the systematic and total takeover of Texas highways and Texas Governement. The basis for this takeover will be for public safety. The communist financial philosophy focuses on three main agendas to accomplish this task. They utilize the fear of death, poverty, and famine to convince the population thier way is the only solution. When this technology is in place as it surely will be since the funding is already being provided for its future use, They will claim it will save lives in some manner or form and the general population will jump on board whole heartedly. Thier belief is that if they can prove it saves one life then they have just cause to use it to make hundreds of billions of dollars. What they dont tell you is that even though people wont be able to afford proper medical coverage, medicine, or even food in some cases due to the fines they will impose on the lower class, that they are killing people by proxy. This is yet another attemp of corporate america to exort money from people in the name of public safety. Playing God seems to be the norm for corporate america today and our State and Local Governments in Texas continues to support this type of conduct.

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Our governments jobs is to protect us from others, when it begins to protect us from ourselves it has overstepped its boundaires!


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