TEXAS RED LIGHT CAMERA BLOOD MONEY. Legalized Bribery to Promote More Red Light Camera Installations

The New Texas Blood Drive

     In 2009 the State of Texas Department of State Health Services began  distributing money to hospitals around the state supplied by red light camera fines to assist with uninsured injury claims. While this seemed like a noble cause and received public support many Texans were unaware of how it would impact our communities. Only fifteen percent is distributed evenly among hospitals and only hospitals from red light camera cities are eligible to receive this money. The other eighty five percent is divided up and distributed to ONLY red light camera district hospitals proportionately according to the reported injuries in that district. The Entire 100% is ONLY Distributed to cities which use Red Light Camera’s 

     The way this money is applied is no accident. The money is applied directly in relation to how many red light cameras you have in your city.  No red Light Camera’s means your hospitals recieve none of this funding. The more red light cameras you have the more funding you receive. The Houston region six for example has approximately half the red light cameras in the State of Texas. Does anyone even remotely begin to believe half the accidents in Texas occur only in the Houston Region? Yet the Houston region has received almost five million dollars of over nine million dollars that was awarded by the State of Texas. Through the distribution of funding the State of Texas has discriminated against non red light camera districts. Texans should be asking themselves why our State Agencies would be funding only red light camera cities in Texas with this trauma funding. Should Texans from non Red light camera districts recieve poorer medical treatment just because thier city chose not to install red light cameras?

     Through this type of selective funding they encourage more red light camera installations which would not be based on safety but on financial revenue. Also we must consider who would be affected financially from increased injuries due to sub standard yellow timing of red light camera intersections which camera promoters and Texas Senators have supported. The answer is clear. Hospitals in red light camera regions would incur more charges from increased collisions and the idea to fund the hospitals in red light camera districts was a necessity and not an act of compassion by our Texas legislators as they would have everyone believe. Texans need to wake up and understand red light cameras are about extorting money from private citizens by physically harming men, women, and children. It has never been about helping the people in our state. Shortened yellow times increase tickets to generate revenue for the cities and state, but it also increases accidents.   

Check link For State Statistics http://www.dshs.state.tx.us/emstraumasystems/FY09UncompensatedTraumaCareFundDist08_09(2).shtm


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