Cameras will soon be coming down all across TEXAS! The People Of Texas Are Standing Up Against Communist Style Government!

A Trend is sweeping the State of Texas in which the people of Texas are standing up and saying no to communist style government in thier communities. In Houston the People have spoken loud and clear in a recent vote which banned the use of red light cameras in Houston. This vote destroyed the dreams of Bill Whites democratic parties communist style government which tried to infringe upon Texans rights to privacy, jury trial, and the appeals process. The city of Houston is preparing for massive lawsuits from victims who were injured due to these devices.

In Baytown, Waco and Austin people are fighting back as well. The will of the people shall be done. The words of Ronald Reagan hold just as true today as they did during his presidency ” Our governments job is to protect us from others, but when our government begins to protect us from ourselves it has overstepped its boundaries”

Check links for full stories


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