American Traffic Solutions Promoting Fascism in Houston Texas!

January 4, 2011


American Traffic Solutions is attempting to over rule the will of the people in Houston Texas. It has become all to clear they want to control all Texans through forced illegal acts. On Nov. 2, the registered voters of Houston voted on a measure to get rid of the cameras. This measure passed, creating an immediate $10 million hole in the Houston Police Department budget. If the Traffic corporation wins the lawsuit to keep the camera’s in operation, then the right to vote will be taken away from all the citizens of Houston.

Houston could become the first Texas City to completely wipe away constitutional rights, along with the right to vote. Many supporters in Houston along with the camera corporation intend to make this happen. A decision in Houston  denying peoples right to vote could very well cause civil unrest in their city. This is just another example of Class Warfare involving Government/Corporate Cartels in our State.

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