An American Based Company called PIPS Technology has developed a Camera Satellite System which will Catch Speeders and Red Light Runners from Space.

April 23, 2010

     Texas Camera Fraud was right again in its prediction that global banking investors and corporate america would continue its push for complete and total control of law enforcement. The funding to provide corporate america the means to usurp the the power of local law enforcement continues only this time it will be through satellite traffic enforcement. Independance and civil liberties which are under attack will eventually lead to the systematic and total takeover of Texas highways and Texas Governement. The basis for this takeover will be for public safety. The communist financial philosophy focuses on three main agendas to accomplish this task. They utilize the fear of death, poverty, and famine to convince the population thier way is the only solution. When this technology is in place as it surely will be since the funding is already being provided for its future use, They will claim it will save lives in some manner or form and the general population will jump on board whole heartedly. Thier belief is that if they can prove it saves one life then they have just cause to use it to make hundreds of billions of dollars. What they dont tell you is that even though people wont be able to afford proper medical coverage, medicine, or even food in some cases due to the fines they will impose on the lower class, that they are killing people by proxy. This is yet another attemp of corporate america to exort money from people in the name of public safety. Playing God seems to be the norm for corporate america today and our State and Local Governments in Texas continues to support this type of conduct.

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Our governments jobs is to protect us from others, when it begins to protect us from ourselves it has overstepped its boundaires!


The Dangers of Nationalized Law Enforcement! Photo Enforcement in Texas attacks Texas Citizens Civil Liberties and Goes Against Christian Teachings!

March 21, 2010

     Thou Shall Not Steal, and Thou Shall Not Kill are two of the ten commandments I believe everyone can agree upon. Even the laws in Texas agree with these ideals, yet Red Light Camera Corporations are allowed to form Cartels with local governments which violate US and Texas Constitutional Rights. They are allowed to encourage cities to deny the appeals process and right to jury trial by using the word Ordinance to wipe away all our contitutional rights in thier quest to self govern with no accountability of City Officials or City Representatives. They encourage incomplete or false statistical information to be released to Texas Citizens and the Texas DOT. They knowingly encourage the increase of rear end collisions to make profit from physically harming the people of Texas. The communist philosophy is alive and well in Texas and spreading like wild fire. The direction in which Local and State government in Texas is heading is an extremely dangerous direction. The Local and State Government of Texas has taken on the role of Den Mother when it comes to the Rights and Privaledges of Texans. Thier attitude is they know whats good for us and and we should just be quiet about it and take it. I encourage each and every Texan to speak out against forced Socialism historically known as Communist style government in Texas. I also would like to remind my fellow veterans that they have taken an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States against enemies foriegn and domestic. Below is a video link showing the direction in which we are headed in Texas if we dont take our state back!       

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Goldman Sachs Gets Board Seats in attempt to cover up Government/Corporate Cartels involvement in Financial Corruption!

March 8, 2010

     Goldman Sachs (GS) have negotiated a substantial minority share in traffic camera specialists American Traffic Solutions (ATS) of Scottsdale Arizona, providing the company with fresh capital to fund their growth. GS becomes the first institutional investor in ATS, says the ATS president, Jim Tuton. The big New York based investment banker will get two positions on Tuton’s seven person board of directors.

     This is as real as it gets! Red Light Camera Oppositions have been saying for years that the People pulling the strings behind the takeover of law enforcement in Texas was Goldman Sachs. They are openly taking over member boards of corporations who violate the US Consitution and Texas Constitution to extort money from private citizens. According to a report by the Attorney General of New York State Goldman Sachs paid $4.8 billion in bonuses to executives and employees while earning only $2.3 billion after being a recipient of TARP bailout funds of $10 billion. Other reports claim the bonus pool was as high as 11.4 billion. Unfortunately the tolerance levels of Texans have not exceeded Goldman Sachs desire to outsource Texas law enforcement to other states and countries for profit. Extortion of money from private citizens through Government/Corporate Cartels will continue in Texas. I believe Texans should be asking themselves why 16 members of the 31 member Texas Senate support this type of conduct!

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Baytown Texas Revokes Citizens Right to VOTE! Tyranny Continues to Spread to Texas Cities!

March 7, 2010

     The Baytown Local government has rejected a petition which was submitted to allow residents to vote on Red Light Camera’s in thier city. The petition was rejected on the grounds that it had been filed after 20 days from the application of a city counsel descision to allow red light camera corporations to merge with the local government to form a Cartel. The history of these corporations have been to bribe  thier way into local governments and takeover local law enforcement. It is in all likelyhood what is happening in Baytown Texas. 

     Baytowns official statement is the 20-day period for the submission of a referendum petition has been long-established in Baytown and was confirmed by the citizens of Baytown as recently as May of 2006, after a thorough review of the citizen-led Charter Review Committee,” They wrote. “Ultimately, the charter is the law of our city and we are following it.”

     In November 2006 the city of Baytown allowed a petition labeled as an “initiative ordinance” to be placed on the Baytown ballot. This ordinance repealed previous ordinances which have stood on the books for years, well over the 20 day deadline. In contrast to thier statement Baytown Officials are selectively applying the charter to petitions they view as unfavorable. Not based on following the law of the city, as they claim, but on the politics of the city officials.

     Baytown Red Light Camera Coalition, is a grassroots organization that seeks to ban the red light cameras in Baytown, and hopes that ultimately the city will decide to be guided by the will of the people. They gathered sufficient signatures to demand a vote on this issue. Recently, in College Station the council voted to remove the red light cameras after a vote on the cameras showed the will of the people was to remove them. Thier hope is that the city council will follow the lead of College Station’s council to ultimately execute the will of the people. They ask that concerned individuals contact the Baytown city council and the mayor to express their desire to have a vote.
     The city has violated numerous sections of the the transportation code governing red light cameras including implementing illegally short yellow lights, improper violation notices and improper signage. They claim the city officials refuse to hold themselves accountable for these violations and with almost $3 million in collected fines under the program they believe the city will continue to block thier efforts by any means necessary, legal or not. More information can be found at thier website

Republican Linda Harper Brown/Traiter to the people of Texas? You Decide!

March 4, 2010

    By looking at the History of Red Light Traffic Camera’s in Texas its easy to identify the chain of events that have brought Corporate Corruption to Texas.

     During the 1999 Texas legislative session, a legislator shamefully withdrew his photo enforcement bill after his colleagues suggested each mailed citation be emblazoned with big red print saying, “Big Brother is watching you.” Behind the scenes, Dallas metroplex ticket camera companies Affiliated Computer Services (ACS) and Electronic Data Systems (EDS) were busy influencing new friends ($$$$$) to help establish highly profitable red-light camera programs.

     The 2001 legislative session was no more friendly toward Big Brother than in 1999. It was becoming clear that RLTCs would not be welcomed through the front door. Later that year, on behalf of the city of Richardson (Dallas) Representative Tony Goolsby asked then Attorney General John Cornyn if a home-rule city could adopt an ordinance to change a red-light violation from criminal to a civil penalty and allow camera enforcement? “Absent specific legislative authority” Cornyn said no to the civil penalty. However, despite his job to protect the Constitution, the AG said it was permissible for RLTCs to “identify criminal RLVs.” [Opinion No. JC-0460, February 8, 2002]. Criminal RLV tickets would have created a tornado of controversy.

     By 2003, the ticket camera companies gained influence ($$$) in the 31 member Senate. The much larger 181 member House still remained 4-1 against cameras. A trick play was crafted. Late in the 2003 session, exhausted legislators struggled with multiple bills and approaching deadline. “Republican Representative” Linda Harper Brown (Dallas area, again) attached an unexplained rider to a trucking bill. The bill rider would allow cities to change traffic violations from a criminal to civil penalty. No mention of red light ticket cameras was spoken of, or stated in the bill.

     The legislature unknowingly passed a bill that opened the door to camera enforcement, a practice they opposed by a 4-1 margin. Many still feel betrayed. Wasting no time, Garland began exploiting their citizens with ticket cameras on September 17,2003.

     Since that time Camera fraud has spread effortlessly thoughout the State of Texas. It is important to note the rider that was placed on the trucking bill to reduce a criminal violation to a civil violation to help insurance costs in the trucking industry has not been utilized one single time to help truckers across our state. The application of the rider on the bill which introduced red light cameras into the State of Texas was all based on a Lie!

This image depicts the last time a government told its people they needed to give up thier civil liberties for protectionism!

Goldman Sach’s, Redflex, and ATS Win BIG in Texas Governor Primary’s, Texans can expect to see more attacks on the public concerning exortion by Corporate-Government Cartels which have been formed in the State of Texas.

March 3, 2010

The Texas primary’s were a victory for red light camera promoters in Texas. Texans can expect to see more red light cameras being installed in the State of Texas. Goldman Sachs, Redflex, and ATS are jumping for joy after finding out that Bill White and Pretty Boy Perry won the Democratic and Republican primary’s. Both Candidates who have accepted contributions from affiliates of these corporations will continue on with business as usual spreading more Constitutional rights violations and undermining the United States and Texas Constitutions. Bill White openly supports corporate control of Texans, while Perry indicates he is against government and corporate control of private citizens yet he does nothing to stop or even slow them down. Sad Days are ahead for Texas in the upcoming four years. It doesnt matter at this point who wins the governorship in Texas since both candidates by thier actions promote socialist corporate takeover of our state.

Texas Red Light Camera Tickets are Unconstitutional!

February 23, 2010


In 2010 legal experts in Texas will be battling red light camera enforcement due to the many legal problems with these citations. unfortunately people who have already paid these fines will more than likely recieve no refund. Red Light Cameras are coming under fire from various groups and attorneys in Texas. 

The first allegation is that municipalities across Texas are partnering with private companies to trample your rights. Upcoming lawsuits in Texas will contend that since ticketed drivers do not recieve the same legal privilages as drivers who recieve conventional citations (From a Law Enforcement Officer) and in many cases individuals who have been denied the right to appeal and a jury trial have been denied the right to due process.  

Since Cameras take a photograph of the vehicle and license plate and the ticket is sent to the registered owner of the vehicle, regardless of who was driving, the burden of proof has been shifted to the owner of the vehicle. Attorneys will argue that in effect a new type of crime has been created in that of owner liability for red-light violations where the owner neither required nor knowingly permitted the violation.”

Other attorneys will argue that Texas cities do not have the authority to adopt an ordinance that conflicts with the State and Federal motor vehicle codes. According to the lawsuits, the fine generated from the violation “is merely a revenue generating measure which has been and continues to be illegally imposed and collected from the plaintiff and all others similarly situated and such collection is void and should be refunded.”Courts will find that because state law established red light running as a criminal violation, any local ordinance declaring such a violation a civil matter would be “in conflict” with the law in other areas of Texas.

Lawsuits concerning the Drivers Privacy Protection Act will show that Texas drivers should recieve monetary damages for invasion of privacy without reasonable cause towards individuals prior to photographs being taken. The damage is in the breach of privacy, not associated to the outcome in court cases by  future use of the photographs. The court will rule”Damages for a violation of an individual’s privacy are a quintessential example of damages that are uncertain and possibly unmeasurable”.