Your Rights

The following is a list of Constitutional Rights violations used in most cities in Texas which utilize electronic Red Light Check Point Camera’s in many court cases. Options of how to defend yourself are available below for each constitutional right listed. If you decide to represent yourself, remain calm, never break the law, follow the courts directives, and defend yourself with truthful information. If you don’t understand something the court is doing or saying, ask politely for them to explain it to you.    

Option 1. Ask the courts prior to any hearings, to video tape the proceedings. Documented evidence has proven that judges and courts behavoir changes when video camera’s are present in the court room. They are less likely to to take advantage of you if they know it will be on a video record.

Option 2. Ask for a trial by jury prior to any hearings,(Your odds greatly increase with a jury trial) if you are denied a right to a trial by jury,  ask the courts for dissmissal for violation of your Texas Constitituional rights  Sec 15.( If it is not dissmissed contact your State Representative for your district)(Note: arguing with someone who doesn’t recognize  the State or US Constitution is senseless)

>Texas Constitution bill of rights Sec. 15.  RIGHT OF TRIAL BY JURY. The right of trial by jury shall remain inviolate.

Option 3. Ask the courts to dissmiss the case based on city ordinances suspending laws and Constitutional Rights of the State of Texas State without approval  of the State legislature. (If denied contact your State Representativein in your district) 

>Texas Constitution Bill of Rights Sec. 28 SUSPENSION OF LAWS. No power of suspending laws in this State shall be exercised except by the Legislature.

Option 4. Ask to see a copy of the citation and verify if it was issued by a law enforcement officer or a person or company that holds a private investigators liscence in Texas. If it wasn’t, ask for dismissal by the court for not complying with your U.S. 4th Amendment rightsl (If denied contact your State Representativein in your district) 

 >U.S. Constitution 4th amendment rights – Search and arrest should be limited in scope according to specific information supplied to the issuing court by a law enforcement officer, who has sworn by it.

Option 5. It is the prosecuting attourneys  job to find you guilty. Invoke your 5th amendment constitutional rights and decline to testify against yourself by not confirming  or identitfying who was driving the vehicle. If the prosecutor cant identify who the driver is, then ask for dissmissal from the courts.

>U.S.  Constitution 5th amendment rights – no person shall be compelled in any criminal case to be witness against himself.


Option 6. Ask to cross examine the person who reviewed this information before sending it to the city, If they are not present in the court room ask for dissmissal by the courts.

>US Constitution 6th amendment rights- The defense must have an opportunity to “confront” and cross examine witnesses.

Option 7.  Ask the judge to dissmiss the violation on the grounds of a conflict of interest as in many cases the more fines that are handed out the more money the issuing company and the city make.

>US Constitutional 14th amendment rights – The Court has ruled that in certain circumstances, the Due Process Clause requires a judge to recuse himself on account of concern of there being a conflict of interest.

***Remember to contact your State Representative for your district if any of your U.S. Constitutional Rights or Texas Constitutional Rights are violated.

Note : I am not an attourney so I cannot guarantee if this will work for you, but the above information was submitted to me by several different attourneys .  Good Luck!  


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