New Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall, The ultimate symbol of political slavery, was just one horrific legacy we wish we could write out of the history books. In 1961 a wall had to be built in order to keep people living under a failed East German Communist Socialist Government. Thousands were shot and hundreds were killed trying to escape this tyranny. The German Democratic Republic (by name only) had to install heavy border defenses and utilized sophisticated monitoring techniques to maintain order. Between 1949 and 1961 an estimated 2.5 million people left East Germany. Socialist communism which depressed their economic system and an oppressive government people forced citizens to move to the west in the hopes of more freedom and prosperity. In 1980 due to food shortages and few freedoms the Soviet Union and East German governments began to collapse. (World famous author)     

   Government traffic red-light check point cameras are currently being used in cities all across the State of Texas to perform the same oppressive actions that engaged the US in the cold war with Soviet Union.  Make no mistake about it, when city officials can wipe away Rights to a Jury trial, and the Appeals process with one word “Ordinance”. We have made the transition to communism.When unfair laws or ordinances are put into place that make citizens despise or even hate their local, state, or federal government this causes separation of citizens and the government. (Thus class warfare, the calling card of communist socialism). Once the separation of citizens and government has occurred it has the capability to escalate to dangerous proportions. This is exactly the same scenario that brought the Soviet Union to its knees only a few decades ago. Many leaders today are calling on liberalism to save their cities, but in reality it’s not liberalism, its communist socialism by another name
    Communism teaches and seeks two objectives: unrelenting class warfare and the complete eradication of private ownership
  (Pope Pius XI quotes  Pope of Rome (1559-1565), 18571939)

  Government controlled cameras will offer a means to an end for communist socialist supporters in our country. They have some of these cameras in place in our country and they are being used against the working class in Texas today. 

   Some government officials and insurance agencies in our country are asking for this camera’s to be used to monitor almost every aspect of our lives. Some public officials are wanting the use of these camera’s  to be expanded to speeding tickets, insurance monitoring, library fee’s, employee  travel monitoring, gas mileage monitoring, and travel information such as where you go just to name a few. When they have enough cameras in place then their goal of 24 hour surveillance will give them almost total control over every Texas citizen. In no uncertain terms this is communist socialism. If we don’t form groups with a joint effort to combat this problem I can assure you Texans will have no freedoms in a few years

  Capitalism and communism stand at opposite poles. Their essential difference is this: The communist, seeing the rich man and his fine home, says: ‘No man should have so much.’ The capitalist, seeing the same thing, says: ‘All men should have so much.’” Famous author”

  Local governments all across the State of Texas are fighting State Laws to limit these camera’s by signing long term contracts in order to circumvent capitalism and continue their push toward communist socialism. They are passing ordinances and putting statements in the ordinances which relieve them of any responsibility as a public official. A perfect example of this is their statement in summary in the local ordinances which states: if any of part of this ordinances is unconstitutional none of the city council members or public officials may be held responsible.       

    Believe in this: When people start moving away due to government control then tax revenue will decline. When the tax revenue falls below an acceptable level for local government they will increase taxes and control measures even more. More control measures and tax increases will inspire citizens to leave for other areas to live, until eventually a control measure will have to be put in place to tell people where they can live so the government can keep control of enough revenue to support themselves.

Freedom has many difficulties, and democracy is not perfect. But we have never had to put a wall up to keep our people in—to prevent them from leaving us. (President John F. Kennedy)

    Communist socialism is sweeping our country at enormous rates from red light check point camera’s to socialized health care. Health care reform will tell doctors and nurses when and where they can work, while Red light checkpoints will encourage people to move to places with more freedom and liberties allowed to them.

Socialism is simply Communism for people without the testosterone to man the barricadesGary North  

     The prices we are paying for communist socialist leaders in our communities are too high! Original studies released by the red light check point companies selling the devices showed how it would increase safety and decrease accidents in our communities are false.  Recent independant studies have indicated injuries are occurring at higher rates by drivers who slam on their brakes to avoid check point camera’s in cities that use them. This causes increased insurance rates, higher medical bills, and increased revenue for the cities in fines, increased injuries, and in some cases fatalities. Basically they are taking blood money from the tax payers to support their political agenda which is communist socialism. Our citizens are at higher risk of being injured or killed all across our State to fund a small group of individuals who want to control us all.       

    We may have lost the battle, but we haven’t lost the war. Large percentages of Texans are speaking out against this type of behavior of public officials. An overhwelming majorityof people surveyed in Tarrant County Texas alone don’t want these check point cameras in our cities. We need to stand together and force the communist public officials we have in office today to be made to serve the people and not their own self interests. I encourage every Texan to write your local congressman and let your voice be heard. Ask for an immediate with drawl of camera check points in our community. Injuring or killing the civilian population to support government is NOT an option!  Government does not have the right to play God!    

A 2009 Rice Univeristy Study in cooperative efforts with Texas A&M Univeristy Found The cameras did not significantly decrease the number of side-impact collisions at the monitored approaches. 

A 2008 University of South Florida report found:
Comprehensive studies conclude cameras actually increase crashes and injuries, providing a safety argument not to install them…. public policy should avoid conflicts of interest that enhance revenues for government and private interests at the risk of public safety.”
A 2007 Virginia Department of Transportation study found:
The cameras were associated with an increase in total crashes… The aggregate EB results suggested that this increase was 29%… The cameras were associated with an increase in the frequency of injury crashes… The aggregate EB results suggested an 18% increase, although the point estimates for individual jurisdictions were substantially higher (59%, 79%, or 89% increases) or lower (6% increase or a 5% decrease).”

In 2005, The Washington Post found:
“The analysis shows that the number of crashes at locations with cameras more than doubled, from 365 collisions in 1998 to 755 last year. Injury and fatal crashes climbed 81 percent, from 144 such wrecks to 262. Broadside crashes, also known as right-angle or T-bone collisions, rose 30 percent, from 81 to 106 during that time frame.”

A 2004 North Carolina A&T University study found:
“Our findings are more pessimistic, finding no change in angle accidents and large increases in rear-end crashes and many other types of crashes relative to other intersections.”

 A 2003 Ontario Ministry of Transportation study found:
“Compared to the average number of reported collisions occurring in the before period, the average yearly number of reported collisions increased 15.1 per cent in the after period.”

A 2004 Texas Transportation Institute study found:
“An increase in yellow duration of 1.0 seconds is associated with a [crash frequency] of about 0.6, which corresponds to a 40 percent reduction in crashes.”

A 2001 report by the Majority Leader of the U.S. House of Representatives found:
“The changes in the yellow signal timing regulations have resulted in the inadequate yellow times. And these inadequate yellow times are the likely cause of almost 80 percent of red light entries.”

WRITE YOUR CONGRESSMAN!  Isn’t it time the government served the people? Ask you congressman to force city governments to follow the US Constitution and Constitution of Texas!

All opinions expressed are my own and I reserve the right to my opinion. Robert A. Harris


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